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How does a one-piece swimsuit wear the proper way to wear a bathing suit?

How to wear a one-piece swimsuit: the first step
Conjoined swimming suits are not easy to stretch under wet conditions, so make sure your swimsuit is dry before putting on a one-piece swimsuit. And before wearing a swimsuit, you should wipe your sweat, so that the process of wearing will not produce sticky feeling.
How to wear a one-piece swimsuit: second steps
Take the standing posture, the swimsuit picked up, from the neck at the top of the first two legs to go in, but now a lot of one-piece style is also very easy to wear off, such as a halter, bare waist section, just from the largest port where the first leg wear into good, relatively casual a one-piece swimsuit, swimming in the professional sports wear process is more difficult.
How to wear a one-piece swimsuit: third steps
Put down the shorts, carefully the upper chest Cup pulled up, then the basic adjustment, adjustment after the bandage according to my own body adjust tightness, fasten the strap. Remind MM note: general straps simply tie a knot is good, it is also convenient after take off, if the system is deadlock, because behind or behind Be Ko, in no circumstances to help people is not easy to disassemble oh.
How to wear a one-piece swimsuit: fourth steps
After wearing a one-piece bathing suit, need to adjust the overall tightness, check the edge of the briefs will not be reined in hip skin, adjust the chest Cup adjustment, in order to avoid such energy-saving.
Wear a one-piece swimsuit basically can be carried out according to the above steps, seemingly very simple one-piece in wear process or to pay attention to methods and the need to pay attention to small details. Oh, I believe you smart MM can quickly grasp in the actual process.

The difference between hot spring swimsuit and ordinary swimsuit

Swimsuit actually no special distinction between hot springs and swimming! Because when people buy a swimsuit in winter 95% to the spa, so do the suit seller winter time will write on the hot springs bathing suit, and the actual wear is usually swim in the summer, the summer time is 95% people to swim, no one is to buy a swimsuit and spa, so it will not write a spa swimsuit!
Of course, as long as they are swimming suits, you can soak hot springs, you can swim, and if you must say the difference, you can divide the following points:
The first suit is: some professional competition style, this kind of competition swimsuit fabrics and ordinary civil suits are not the same, tight and thin, bra is detachable, some itself is not bra, here is a special swimming swimsuit, spa wear is not recommended!
Second: Hot Springs bathing suit mainly in beautiful fashion as the main line, most of them choose skirt, bikinis, this kind of fashion belt yarn based swimsuit, swim something with the general choice of Siamese Siamese triangle, such boxer brief style, the style is different!
Third: Hot Springs because of high temperature so the swimsuit fabric will have some damage, will shorten the life of the indirect suit, is no way to avoid, see here will certainly be cheaper to buy a swimsuit to wear it, in fact, because of the hot spring is exposed to high temperature, if you choose the cheapest suit if not inferior talk about the style itself is appropriate, inferior fabric under high temperature will produce toxic substances, the suit is personal items, to a certain extent on the body is not good, the proposed conditional or choose brand swimsuit, guaranteed!

Swimming weight loss good?

1. increase myocardial function
When people move in the water, all organs are involved in it, energy consumption is much, and the blood circulation is accelerated, so as to provide more nutrients for the movement organs. The acceleration of blood speed increases the load of the heart, increases the frequency of its beat and makes it strong and powerful. Regular swimmers have excellent heart function. The general rate is 70 – 80 times / min, the stroke volume is 60 – 80 ml. But people often swim rate is 50 – 55 times / min, a lot of excellent swimming athletes, the heart rate is up to 38 – 46 times / min, the stroke volume is as high as 90 – 120 ml. When swimming, water acts on the body’s blood, making it easier for the heart to flow back and speed up the heart rate. Long term swimming has a marked increase in cardiac motility, a strong contraction, a greater thickness of the vessel wall, an increase in elasticity, and an increase in stroke volume. So swimming can build a strong heart.
2. strengthen resistance
Swimming pool water temperature is often 26 degrees to 28 degrees, immersed in water, heat dissipation, energy consumption. In order to replenish the heat released by the body as soon as possible, the nervous system responds quickly to the need for a balance between cold and hot, enabling the body to metabolize more quickly, increasing the body’s ability to adapt to the environment, and resisting cold. People often take part in winter, the temperature adjustment function is not easy to colds, but also improve the body’s endocrine function, pituitary function increase, improve resistance to disease and immunity to.
3. body shape
When swimming, people usually use the buoyancy of water, lie prone or lie in the water, relax and stretch all over the body, and make the body get all-round, symmetrical and coordinated development, so that the muscle line is smooth. The movement of water in the water reduces the impact of the ground motion on the bones, reduces the old loss of bones and makes the bones and joints difficult to deform. The resistance of the water can increase exercise intensity, but the intensity and training equipment different from the land, is very soft, the intensity of training and is easy to control the oxygen within the domain, do not grow very stiff muscles, can make the body lines smooth, beautiful.
4. strengthen lung function
Respiration mainly depends on the lung, and the lung function is determined by the strength of the respiratory muscle. Exercise is one of the effective means to improve and increase vital capacity. According to the determination: swimming’s chest is 12 – 15 kg pressure, add water to stimulate muscle contraction, breathing difficulties, forcing people to breathe, to increase the depth of breathing, oxygen inhalation can meet the body’s needs. The general people’s vital capacity is about 3200 ml, respiration difference (maximum inspiratory and expiratory chest when widening and narrowing of the difference) is only 4 – 8 cm, the maximum oxygen consumption during strenuous exercise for 2.5 – 3 liters / minute, 10 times larger than the rest; and the swimming athlete’s vital capacity can be as high as 4000. 7000 ml, respiration difference reached 12 – 15 cm, the maximum oxygen consumption during strenuous exercise for 4.5 – 7.5 liters / minute, 20 times larger than the rest. Swimming promotes the development of breathing muscles, chest circumference, lung capacity increase, and inspiratory opening of the alveoli more, ventilation is smooth, very beneficial to health.

What’s the difference between swimwear and underwear?

2, different fabrics
Swimsuit and underwear fabric selection angle is entirely opposite, mainly reflected in the hydrophilic fabric. Swimsuit is usually made of DuPont, Lycra, nylon, polyester and other waterproof and flexible fabric, and underwear more absorbent cotton fabrics made of good.
3, the appearance of different
Swimsuit is outside, in the design more attention to visual effects, the material is relatively thick, fashionable appearance, and styles, patterns are diverse. And underwear in it, the material is more light, solid color based, style is not many swimsuit.
Therefore, swimsuit can not be underwear, underwear can not be worn as swimsuit. Swimsuit generally only in the summer swimming wear, underwear and all year round to wear a swimsuit, underwear can not be replaced, because does not have the air and Swimwear Underwear hygroscopicity, similarly, underwear can not replace swimwear, underwear does not have the reason is waterproof suit, and cotton underwear will become translucent in the water after. Easy to cause embarrassment.
Siamese swimsuit or bikini is better?
Swimsuit is divided into one-piece swimsuit and split swimsuit, bikini (Bikini) is a kind of split swimsuit, it can not be used as underwear to wear, name transliteration, also known as the “three point” swimsuit.
The biggest difference between an ordinary swimsuit and a bikini is that the shape of a swimsuit or a professional swimsuit focuses more on comfort and elasticity, while bikini pays more attention to the design. The audience also has different: poor stature, self-confidence, more introverted, shy girls will choose ordinary swimsuit; confident, bold, more publicity girls prefer to wear bikinis.

What are the swimming equipment?

What are the swimming equipment?
The essential 1 goggles
Unless the school is up to swim, or goggles is essential. The whole immersion must learn to dive in the water, if the lack of goggles, open your eyes is very uncomfortable, so it will see the water situation, also cannot observe, learn from others of the action in the water. Besides, the water in the swimming pool is not clean, so it is also necessary to protect the eyes.
The 2 essential – cap
Wearing a swimming cap is necessary, both from a hygienic point of view and from the point of view of swimming. The pool of water and human hair are not very clean, so if you don’t wear a swimming cap, more will cause pollution.
Dai Yongmao is not only clean, but also refreshing.

What kind of bathing suit does small chest fit?

What’s good for children’s swimsuit?
In 18% the spandex swimwear fabric is the best, but do not buy Polyester fabric containing a large number of suits, especially one-piece cloth, elastic is very demanding, or swimming will be bound hands and feet.
1, now the best swimsuit material is spandex, especially spandex content requirements are more than 15%, 18% best, this swimsuit flexibility is very good, can be with the body movement and freely telescopic. In swimming, attention should be paid to the adaptability of fabrics to the chlorine content of the water in the swimming pool. At present, the most popular three-dimensional elastic fabric made of swimming suits is most suitable for low temperature water or swimming. Because this material is hollow, it is easy to keep body temperature.
2. Nylon fabric: it is the material adopted by most of the mid end swimming suits. It is a fabric made of nylon filament or short fiber for blending or weaving. It has both the characteristics and advantages of each kind of fiber. The characteristics of nylon fabric is tough and durable, the disadvantage is poor elasticity, easy to wrinkle, wet strength decreased, wear easy to sag. Nylon fabric swimsuit belongs to medium price, of course, compared with spandex fabric swimsuit, flexibility is not enough, but the toughness is very good. Because of its low price, it is also the most commonly used swimsuit fabric.
3, polyester fabric: polyester fabric swimsuit, less flexibility, limb vulnerable to restrictions, so mostly used in small split swimsuit, not suitable for Siamese swimsuit, basically belong to low-grade products. This material is rarely used alone, most of which are made from spandex and nylon.

Types and fabrics of swimming suits

Swimsuit wearing notes
1, anti exposure
Little exercise or water for a swim, a little attention will let the sexy swimsuit become embarrassed embarrassed woman. Want to avoid exposure, the test is careful and careful, careful observation of their own actions, carefully prepared clothing fitting.
2, clear hair
For a high degree of skin bikinis, excess hair clean but necessary, such as the armpits, arms, legs and other parts, hair removal should be taken to avoid scratches, careful soaking bacteria influence will have a certain impact on the recovery.
3, UV protection
Should be careful not to let their skin by the sun’s strong destruction. On the beach should be painted more than 50 times the sunscreen, and adhere to 30 minutes, painted once, so as to achieve the best sunscreen effect.

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